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Thailand is located in south-central Asia, Indochina, the southeast Gulf of Thailand, the Andaman Sea near the southwest, the Kara Isthmus territory extending southward to the Malay Peninsula, along with Malaysia phase, between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean with its narrow part of the home is a Buddhist country, with its varied scenery and rich cultural connotations, as many tourists plan a unique vacation choice. Here the tropics, most of the area has a tropical monsoon climate, year-round hot, annual temperature difference, described as "the seasons like summer." Every year in November to January is the best tourist season in Thai escort, followed by 4 to 10 months. 

Thailand's capital city , is located in the Chao Phraya river into Bangkok Bay estuarine plains north shore, is the country's political , economic , cultural , transportation centers, Southeast Asia's second largest city, is also the country's largest industrial and commercial city. Thais call it "Army paste", meaning "City of Angels." Area of 513,120 square kilometers and a population of 67.1 million (2013 estimate). Thai escorts in London vs. Bangkok climate is very hot, the annual average temperature of about 28 degrees.

Thailand's largest island, Andaman Sea, the "pearl" of Phuket Southeast Asia has a typical tourist resort. Its charm lies first and foremost it was the beautiful west coast of the sea, the island is on the Andaman Sea, where immature white sandy beaches around the original, each beach has its own advantages and charm, under sunny, large and small beach flashing Andaman Sea lapping waves Pinoy escort. Fascinating beaches and blocks of Hotel look forward to from all over the world tourists. Whether or more spicy taste. Light, harmony is the guiding principle followed in each dish. Thai cuisine is essentially the centuries-old Eastern and Western influences organically combine to form a unique Thai diet. According to the characteristics of Thai cuisine to cook, eat people, places and cooking place the case may be, to meet everyone's appetite. Thai cooking water initially reflects the lifestyle characteristics. Aquatic animals, plants and herbs are the main ingredients. Avoid using chunks of meat. Thailand diet such effects was also used quite large pieces of meat.

Because there are Buddhist background, so theThai girls to avoid using large pieces of animal flesh. Chunks of meat are chopped, then mix with herbs and spices. Thai traditional cooking methods are cooking, baking or grilling. Due to Chinese influence, the introduction of fried, fried and fried method. Since the 17th century, has been cooking methods Portugal, the Netherlands, France and Japan affected. In the late 17th century, the Portuguese missionaries in South America used to the taste of red pepper, red pepper then introduced in the Thai.