Have the ‘Breast’ Erotic Massage of Your Life!

It’s time for you to merge your two biggest turn-ons together: a hot massage with a very happy ending, and a great set of breasts. We don’t want to be playing a stereotype, but it’s generally agreed that Asian ladies – while super sexy in a petite supermodel sort of way – don’t exactly have the most endowed chests. Fortunately, those few who do (whether naturally gifted or enhanced, we certainly don’t judge) love to show themselves off, and are ready to please you all night long!

Choosing the Right Escort

Okay, so you know what you like, and that is definitely a good start. But the next steps are important, too. There are plenty of escort sites out there, and to narrow the search down to the perfect match for you, means flicking some filter switches to this or that. You can easily choose ‘background’ and ‘chest size’ to start, but also other things like hair colour, height, in-call or out-call, and even the sorts of services they provide (once again, we’d recommend the massage, but this is your special time).

You will then be given a list of results, and each escort has a profile page for you to look over. A bio can tell you plenty because maybe you want to hit the clubs in town with your new friend before retiring to a hotel room, in which case you would love to find a woman who describes herself as a party girl.

Also important is to get some genuine feedback from previous clients, which means you should look for  Asian escort review London-based sites, or wherever you happened to be. Reading up on how these interactions went can make sure you are in for the night of your life.

The Best Massage of Your Life

The Asian massage is the stuff of legend, and it’s actually a bit of a shame that the seedy massage parlours and that level of happy endings are what people suddenly think of.

One of the best things about booking a busty Asian escort is that there is no misinterpretation or teasing. You can be absolutely sure that while the massage will start very professionally and very relaxing, it won’t be long before the towel comes off and she is paying plenty of attention to the spot between your legs, and not just with her soft, talented hands.

While that sort of rubdown is the most popular, where the escort acts like a masseuse at first before turning into a much more x-rated encounter, there is an opportunity to explore a bit more. The Nuru Massage involves great heaping of oil or lotion, but rather than have her hands knead it slowly onto your skin, she gets naked and rubs the liquid all over herself, and then rubs herself all over you. And with her large breasts leading the way, you will be overwhelmed with arousal for how good it feels.

There is also the (in)famous tantric massage, which, like tantric sex, is an acquired taste. And we only say that because it involves a lot of teasing and edging, which means getting you very close to the point of orgasm, but then slowly dialling the feeling back down. And then you build it up again and then back down. This can go on for a very long time, and for some people, it just becomes more frustrating than pleasurable, although if you can wait it out, the final release can be mind-blowing.

Since all of this involves you lying on a bed or a massage table, a great twist is to be the one to give her a massage. She might be pleasantly surprised, but if she agrees to it, this is your chance to rub your hands all over a very beautiful Asian woman. And you can be sure she will love it if you spend extra time on her amazing chest.

A Sexy Learning Experience

Usually fun and education don’t go together, especially when the fun stuff involves getting naughty, but that’s exactly what would be a good thing to get better at, right?

One of the best things about booking a night with an escort is that you can let your mind run wild and follow any of your wildest fantasies.

Typically you can double-check with her when booking to make sure she can accommodate some of your desires. But even if you go for something much more standard, getting some tips about flirting, kissing, or oral sex can be very valuable when it comes to meeting up with future partners.

You can definitely trust her, since her job is in the pleasure industry, and she would love it if more clients made an effort to show her a good time. In fact, “some of them can’t wait to share some hot tips. And while other people you meet in the bedroom might want to be more polite and kind about your skills, you can definitely tell the London escort to give it to you honestly and say what you should work on.

A Healthy and Safe Encounter

You don’t want a wonderful night to be ruined a week or two later with an itch or rash in the wrong place, or a text giving you bad news. The best way to make sure there are no lingering issues is to make smart decisions at the moment. Always make sure to wear a condom (chances are she will insist on it), and get tested right after.

Most London elite escorts have check-ups regularly to make sure they are healthy, but depending on how busy she is, she might not even be up to date, so it’s imperative that you are. No one wants to be on the bench, waiting for a clean bill of health.

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